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Retaining Walls Wollongong - The Basics

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

So you are thinking about engaging a landscaper to build a retaining wall, or perhaps even do it yourself. Before you get started, to ensure the longevity of your wall and to help you accurately compare quotes there are a few things you will need to know.

1. Check your local Councils rules and regulations for retaining walls. Wollongong Council stipulate that walls within 900mm of a fence line can not be over 600mm high and any retaining wall on your property can not be over 1000mm. If you require a retaining wall to be over 1000mm high due to a steeply sloping site, Council may consider it but it must be designed by an Engineer.


Of course all councils are different, so check your local council website.

2. All retaining walls products are different and have positives and negatives. There are so many options, from core filled block walls, interlocking block walls, brick walls, sandstone blocks, dry stone walls, gabion walls, treated pine and hardwood sleepers walls. Each of these materials can be used for retaining walls but each are constructed differently and get their strength from different construction methods. Some from their footing, their posts, steel, their sheer weight, how they are filled or the way they are constructed.

3. For interlocking block walls, It is important to read the manufacturers specifications. Each type of block is designed to be built to different heights. Baines Tasman Block Retaining walls are not to be constructed over 660mm high with out consultation with an engineer. http://www.bainesmasonry.com.au/tasman.html

Austral Masonry Keystone blocks are not to be constructed over 800mm without consultation with an engineer. https://australmasonry.com.au/nsw/product/keystone/

4. Lastly practicality doesn't have to mean retaining walls can't be aesthetically pleasing. Retaining walls can make an unusable space usable and can create different levels in an outdoor space that can be used as informal seating, garden beds, sunken fire pits, bench seats, steps, green walls, a place to hang feature outdoor art, water features, the list is endless.

Top Tip - Do your research and if you are engaging a landscaper ask lots of questions and ensure they know their products before spending your hard earned money.

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