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Outdoor Design Trend - Fire Pits

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It is deep in the middle of winter in Australia, yet this weekend it doesn't feel like it. The weather is mild, last weeks winds have disappeared, it is the perfect weekend to crack a red, and toast some marshmallows around the fire. Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular in Australian backyards and once you have one, it's easy to see why. Fire pits appeal to all the senses, they provide warmth, are a beautiful focal point, who doesn't love watching a fire flickering as the timber burns, they sound and smell amazing and did I mention the sweet sweet taste of marshmallows? Our kids love it when we start chopping wood, all the kids in the neighbourhood start searching for sticks and we all settle in for the night. It certainly draws a crowd.

We are lucky enough to have a designated sunken fire pit area with bench seating, but we purchased a metal fire pit from local company Iron Bark Metal Designs that can be moved around if we choose. When not in use, with the addition of a timber top, it can become a table. Multipurpose win!

Hint and tips for the perfect outdoor fire pit:

Build or buy a quality fire pit. If you are buying a metal fire pit it should be at least 2mm thick

Ensured your fire pit sits on a hard surface - pebbles, rocks, pavers, gravel

Seating should be close enough to toast marshmallows, but not so close you burn your eyebrows

Think about where you will store your timber, keep it close by and dry. There are so many beautiful timber stacking solutions these days, if you can, incorporate it into your design

Invest in a hot plate that sits over your fire pit - there is nothing better than a steak cooked on the fire. We have one that can swing on and off like this Hot Plate

Pull out the soft furnishings, blankets, pillows, sheepskins and get comfortable

Add additional lighting, candles, festoon lights - outdoor lighting really sets the mood

Put on some music, grab a guitar, a bottle of red, invite some friends over and enjoy!

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