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Should I Use Artificial Turf?

Updated: Apr 30

Artificial Turf is becoming more popular in Australia, with the Australian culture of outdoor entertaining, people want to enjoy their outdoor space more whilst devoting less time and money to maintaining it. People often ask us, should I use artificial turf?

Lets look at the pros and cons of using artificial turf.


Artificial turf is low maintenance, it only needs to be brushed and in some cases refilled with sand annually - No mowing, watering, weeding or fertilising required.

Artificial Turf looks good all year round. It doesn't go dormant and change colour in winter, there aren't any weeds or imperfections.

It is consistent, whether in shade or full sun, it looks and feels the same.

It lasts a long time, most Artificial Turf comes with a manufacturers warranty of 7-10 years but can last a lot longer.

It is permeable, with good preparation and using quality artificial turf, water is absorbed into the ground to the same degree as traditional turf.

It is hard wearing and works well in homes, childcare centres, parks and schools.

Artificial turf can be a good option for people with grass, pollen or bee allergies, reducing the likelihood of these occurring.

It can be hard to tell the difference between real and artificial turf when you choose a good product and have it installed by a skilled professional.


Artificial turf is considerably more expensive to supply and install than standard turf

Artificial turf is made using plastic and can get hot in summer, this can add to the ambient temperature of your home and outdoor areas.

Dog droppings need to be cleaned up regularly. It is best to hose through regularly to reduce smell and ensure good hygiene.

Pro Tip

Correct installation by a trained professional is a must. If Artificial Turf isn't installed properly it can be very obvious. The main appeal of artificial turf is that is can look just as good, if not better than real turf, but if installed incorrectly it definitely won't. Preparation and correct installation of turf and joins are imperative.

We are skilled and equipped to install artificial turf to the highest standard. Natural Habitat Landscapes have installed artificial turf in many private homes, daycare centres and preschools in and around Wollongong over the years.

Call us today to talk about your turfing options and whether Artificial Turf could work for you - 0403296775

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